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Check out (Tuff Country Suspension Lift Kits) on National Synthetics We’re fl…

Check out (Tuff Country Suspension Lift Kits) on National Synthetics http://bit.ly/2I05zsj We’re flying into the work week Mountain Havoc 4×4 Madness style!(function(d, s, id) var js, fjs = d.getEl[...]

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Check out (USAC “Eastern Storm” Highlights | BAPS Motor Speedway 6.17.18) on Nat…

Check out (USAC “Eastern Storm” Highlights | BAPS Motor Speedway 6.17.18) on National Synthetics http://bit.ly/2MwxweR Catch the highlight’s from USAC Racing #EasternStorm! 🏁(function(d, s, i[...]

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Tuff Country Suspension Lift Kits

We’re flying into the work week Mountain Havoc 4×4 Madness style!Mountain Havoc 2018 JUMPS! The best part is this isn’t even the wildest half of Havoc! But who doesn’t love some[...]

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“Since I started using the AMSOIL grease I checked the bearings at 100 hours, 200 hours, 300 hours, all the way to 600 hours,” Ebersohl said. “This grease has saved our company thousands of dollars on bearings. “Using this grease I haven’t had to change any bearings. I just clean them and reuse them. I used to take these machines apart at least every 100 hours to clean and usually replace bearings, now I run these machines up to 500 hours before cleaning the bearings and regreasing them.” Bryan Ebersohl, the maintenance supervisor and batch plant foreman at St. Louis Prestress
“There were parts of the engine that melted,” said Scheuring. “You could smell that antifreeze had gotten hot. Everything was just hot. That’s the best way I can describe it. Just hot. We’ve worked with AMSOIL the last 20 years developing two-stroke oils for our race sleds,” said Scheuring. “In my opinion, I believe 100 percent the reason that motor lived was because of the AMSOIL products.”Lincoln Lemieux
Extending equipment life is essential to any landscaping company’s bottom line. Emick has accomplished this by using a multistage approach that focuses on purchasing high-quality equipment, using premium AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and following sound maintenance practices. The approach has allowed Timberline Landscaping to double the life of its zero-turn mowers, “going from a three- to four-year life span to a six- to seven-year life span,” said Emick. The company has had similar success with its work trucks, “keeping them eight to 13 years” rather than trading them in every four years. With respect to his skid-steers, Emick keeps them “until they reach the 5,000-hour mark, and due to our good maintenance practices and use of AMSOIL products, they’re in such good condition that we’re able to sell them for 2/3 of the original purchase price. I was tired of crawling under trucks late at night to work on or replace an engine or tranny after everyone else went home,” said Emick. “AMSOIL synthetics helped me stop doing that.” Timberline owner Tim Emick

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