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Leighton Motorsports Race Recap: Deadwood, S.D.

By: Leighton Motorsports

ZIMMERMAN, Minn. (Jan 23, 2017) – Corin Todd raced to a qualifying-round win on Friday night en route to a fifth-place finish in the Pro Open final in Deadwood, S.D. The tight confines of the Days of ’76 Rodeo Arena place a higher-than-normal premium on good starts and, after struggling at the last few rounds, Todd was back on point and often at the front of the field.

“Apparently I was running third in the final and putting on a charge on the guys in front of me and I Trevor-Leighton-Deadwood-17.slacked a little bit and could never find the gear to get back to the pace and ended up fifth,” said Todd. “It’s my bad and I’ll learn for the future. It’s a big swing from Canterbury, Minn. I feel like I’ve turned things around.”

On Saturday night, Todd grabbed the Stud Boy Holeshot in the main event and was battling for the lead near the end of the first lap when his tether cord came loose and killed the engine. After getting the WPS/Fly Racing Polaris fired back to life, he raced from deep in the field to finish sixth.

Trevor Leighton is still working through injuries from round three in Colorado and was able to take starts and race the main event on Friday. Leighton opted to sit out Saturday’s action and will continue to build strength over the next few days in order to compete in Thursday’s Winter X Games and carry out the second half of the national tour.

Source: Amsoil Racing