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AMSOIL Expedition Colorado: The Long Way Home

Last year Brad Lovell and Roger Lovell piloted a 1943 Jeep through the wilderness from Colorado Springs to Moab, Utah.

On purpose.

Not only did they make it, the trip was such a hit that they decided to do it again. This time, though, they started in Moab and worked their way backward.

What awaits the group this time?

How about 615 miles, eight mountain passes and 90 percent new trails compared to last year.

In the latest episode of the AMSOIL Signature Series, ride along with the Lovells on this breathtaking journey. Join them as they battle mechanical problems, high mountain passes and narrow canyon trails. Life’s all about adventure, and there’s none bigger than AMSOIL Expedition Colorado.

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  1. Great article. Enjoyed greatly. .

  2. Floyd Loney says:

    I taught myself to drive in an army jeep when I was 13 years old.